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The Benefits of Polyurethane Rods

26 Aug 22
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Looking for an eco-friendly way to protect your property? You might want to consider using polyurethane rods. These temporary measures can help keep weeds at bay, stop erosion, and provide a physical barrier against the elements.

What are Polyurethane Rods?

Polyurethane rods are a type of insulation that is made up of many small rubber or plastic pellets. The pellets are mixed with a polyurethane fluid and then compressed into a rod form. Polyurethane rods have several benefits over other insulation types, including:

– They are efficient in retaining heat.
– They are affordable.
– They are non-toxic.

They are most commonly used in residential and commercial buildings, as well as in vehicles.

The Advantages of Polyurethane Rods

Polyurethane rods are a great choice when it comes to insulation because they have a high R-value and are thermally stable. They also have low moisture absorption which makes them an excellent choice for use in wet areas.

Some other advantages of polyurethane rods include:

They are lightweight and easy to move.

They are inexpensive and can be easily replaced if they become damaged or worn out.

They are easy to seal and provide a tight seal against moisture and air infiltration.

They are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

They are fire retardant.

They can be painted or stained to match any surrounding décor.

They can be easily drilled and have a variety of mounting options.

They are resistant to UV damage.

They can be easily recycled.

Some potential disadvantages of polyurethane rods include:

They may not be suitable for use in high-humidity areas or in climates where there is a lot of moisture.

They may not be as fire resistant as other insulation options.

How to Choose the Right Polyurethane Rod for Your Needs

Polyurethane rods are a great option for anyone looking for an affordable and durable roofing solution. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a polyurethane rod:

-Material: The material of the polyurethane rod will affect its durability and lifespan. For example, a metal or fiberglass rod will be more durable than a plastic rod, but they will also be more expensive.

-Length: The length of the polyurethane rod will affect how much roofing material it can hold. L longer the rod, the less roofing material you will need per foot.

-Diameter: The diameter of the polyurethane rod will affect how easily it penetrates roofing materials and how easily it is installed. A smaller diameter rod will be easier to install than a larger one, but it may not hold as much roofing material.

-Style: Several styles of polyurethane rods are available, including round, flat, and seamless. The style you choose will depend on the type of roofing material you are installing and your personal preferences.

-Price: Polyurethane rods are a budget-friendly option, but they may not be as durable as other types of roofing materials. Try to find a polyurethane rod that is rated for the type of roofing material you are installing it on.

-Installation: Make sure to get a polyurethane rod that is easy to install. Some rods come with installation instructions, while others require professional installation.

– warranty: Most polyurethane rods come with a limited warranty. This will protect you against any defects in the rod’s material or installation.

Once you have considered all of the factors, choose a polyurethane rod that is rated for the type of roofing material you are installing it on and that is easy to install.

When to Replace a Polyurethane Rod

If you are using a polyurethane rod for a specific application and it becomes obvious that it is not working as well as it used to, it may be time to replace it. If the polyurethane rod loses its elasticity or becomes brittle, this means it is no longer able to stretch or bend as it should. The signs that your polyurethane rod is beginning to lose its potency are: the material starts to crack, the rod becomes brittle when bent, or the rod stretches but does not return to its original shape after being stretched.


If you’re looking for a way to add a little extra flair to your DIY projects, consider using polyurethane rods. These versatile materials are available in a variety of colors and styles, and can be used for everything from sign making to home decorating. Plus, they’re easy to work with and can last for years without deteriorating. Give them a try the next time you want to create an eye-catching project!

A Short Summary of Trends in Industrial Design

10 Mar 21
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Industrial design (ID) is an integral aspect of developing a new commercial or industrial product. Often used in conjunction with mechanical engineering (and now, software development), ID is often the central procedure for turning an abstract idea into a tangible business product. Since the beginning of what many consider modern industrial design over 100 years ago, the role of design has stretched into almost every aspect of product development.

As a school of thought, ID has its roots in late 19th century England. At the time, rapid industrialization had the nation’s factories mass-producing furniture, utensils, and other products that were often decorated with what many considered to be excessive ornamentation. In most cases, the ornamental designs came from industrial catalogs and were punched from raw materials by workers that had no say in the design of the intricate patterns. The patterns, which had little or no structural, functional, or emotional value, were usually applied to the surface of items almost as an afterthought.

The Englishman William Morris, perhaps the most outspoken member of what would come to be called the Arts and Crafts Movement, decried the industrially-produced ornaments for lacking any sort of value and desired a return to the days of individual craftsmanship. To Morris and his contemporaries, the pinnacles of design were items whose form fit their purpose, and whose ornamentation, should it exist at all, was scarce and applied strictly to enhance usefulness.

These ideas formed the basis of an architecture and design movement that dominated much of the 20th Century, functionalism. The aesthetic of functionalism in design and architecture has been the primary impetus for most product design since. Like Morris before them, Functionalists aim to create a design that, through its purity of function, induces a relationship with the human user.

Current Trends in Industrial Design

Contemporary design remains indebted to every movement from Arts and Crafts to Functionalism, but has begun to take on a life of its own. The rapidly decreasing cost and size of electronics and computerized components has enabled designers to truly focus on usability. Currently, many industrial designers aim to create successful designs (read: easily produced, functional, aesthetically pleasing, and unique) by engaging in an in-depth examination of product uses.

This idea is the central tenet to human-centered design philosophies such as contextual design and participative design. Both schools of thought encourage designers to utilize actual “end users” (people who may use the product professionally for extended amounts of time) as their most valuable product design resource. By following not just the function of the item, but also the applications of that function and the experiences of the user, designers create objects that both fulfill the needs of users and have strong emotional appeal to them.

The Role of Modern Industrial Designer

Among the many responsibilities of industrial designers are those of a sculptor (or visual artist), engineer, researcher, materials technician, and ergonomics expert. Especially in companies that embark on human-centered design projects (as opposed to those who use strict product styling or silent design techniques), research, materials, and ergonomics concerns are particularly important. In some cases, as much as 80 percent of the time-frame for a project may be spent on developing product understanding and functionality, and the final design is born directly out of a search for a deeper understanding of the desired relationship with the product’s users.

Of course, the visual arts are important to design as well. A strong look that is appealing to consumers and well differentiated from the competition is one of the keys to product sales, especially for companies that are entering a new market. Pairing strong industrial design with marketing can also ease the entry into a new market, which prompts many designers to seek knowledge of modern marketing strategies, as well.

Tangan Robot Iron Man Wayan Sumardana Bali Bohongan alias Hoax?

22 Jan 16
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Tangan Robot Iron Man Wayan Sumardana Bali Bohongan alias Hoax? Ramai berita tentang iron man dari Bali. Namanya Wayan Sumardana. Diliput beberapa tivi ketika memamerkan lengan robotiknya untuk menggantikan fungsi salah satu lengannya yang lumpuh. Menjadi heboh karena terlihat ajaib.

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43 Concept Art Film Star Wars

14 Dec 15
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Inilah 43 Concept Art Film Star Wars. Film Star Wars adalah film blockbuster yang menginspirasi dari setiap karakter dan teknology canggihnya pada banyak film-film lain setelahnya.

43 Concept Art Film Star Wars

Di Indonesia film Star Wars terbaru 2015 dalam episode 7 The Force Awakens ini menjadi hit tersendiri sebab ada setidaknya 3 aktor Indonesia yang turut meramaikan action film paling canggih sepesial efeknya ini. Siapa saja mereka?, J.J. Abbrams sebagai sutradara Star Wars ini akhirnya membeberkan siapa saja aktor-aktor laga Indonesia yang turut bermain di filmnya. Mereka adalah Iko Uwais, Yayan Ruhian dan Cecep Arif Rahman, ketiganya adalah aktor-aktor film berantem jebolan film The Raid.

Bagaimana seni gambar bergerak fenomenal besutan George Lucas ini dibuat dalam konsep art nya? Nah inilah 43 Concept Art Film Star Wars.

Semua gambar-gambar ini bersumber dari Star Wars: The Art of Ralph McQuarrie dan Dreams and Vision Press. adapun nukilan-nukilan Ralph McQuarrie berasal dari from, and Cuplikan ucapan George Lucas berasal dari sumber:

Sekali lagi inilah 43 Concept Art Film Star Wars.

1. Star Wars (1977)

2. Ralph McQuarrie (1929-2012) merupakan seorang desainer konsep dan sekaligus ilustrator dari amerika serikat.

3. Di tahun 1975, George Lucas menugaskan McQuarrie untuk membuat beberapa ilustrasi scene film Star Wars dari skrip.

4. McQuarrie mendesain konsep karakter Star Wars meliputi: Darth Vader, Chewbacca, R2-D2 dan C-3PO.

5. Selain Star Wars, McQuarrie juga mengkonsep banyak film-film lainnya.

6. “Saya hanya melakukan yang terbaik sebisaku guna menciptakan bagaimana film itu akan tampil semestinya, Saya suka konsep pekerjaan ini.”

7. “Saya tidak berpikir bagaimana nantinya film akan dibuat. Mungkin akan mahal sekali.”

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5 Truk Tambang Terbesar di Dunia

22 Aug 15
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Bagaimanakah gambaran mesin-mesin truk transportasi raksasa di dunia pertambangan? Bagaimana spesifikasi mesinnya? Sebagai pemerhati dan pelaku dunia engineering, sahl engineering ingin kembali mengajak pecinta dunia perbengkelan mesin industri di Jababeka hingga KIIC Suryacipta Karawang untuk menyimak tulisan 5 Truk Tambang Terbesar di Dunia ini.

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Knock Nevi’s Menjadi Kapal Terbesar di Lautan Dunia

18 Aug 15
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Knock Nevis, dulunya bernama SeaWise Giant Menjadi Kapal Terbesar Di Lautan Dunia. Lautan yang ada di dunia ada banyak dan beberapa wilayah lautan terbilang luas dan dalam. Ketika orang-orang hendak menyebrangi lautan, maka perlu alat transportasi laut berupa kapal. Kapal tidak hanya berdiri sebagai alat transportasi laut. Beberapa kapal diciptakan untuk keperluan mengangkut barang sampai untuk pertambangan.

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3 Mesin Pengeruk Terbesar di Dunia

07 Aug 15
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Ingin tahu mesin pengeruk terbesar seperti apa? Inilah 3 mesin pengeruk terbesar di dunia. Pernahkah Anda membayangkan ada mesin yang memiliki ukuran sangat besar? Coba bayangkan seperti apa besarnya mesin pengeruk yang ada di dunia.

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Robot Robot Canggih Buatan Jepang

05 Jun 15
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Inilah robot robot canggih buatan Jepang. Canggih? Jepang emang canggih!. Jepang merupakan satu-satunya negara di Asia yang menjadi pelopor pencipta robot-robot keren. Baru-baru ini Jepang telah menciptakan robot-robot canggih dengan desain bodi yang unik dan bahkan ada yang sangat mirip dengan objek aslinya.

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