Periodical Check CNC Lathe Machine

How to Periodical Check CNC Lathe Machine? If you buy a new CNC lathe machine to keep it maintained its performance, it is necessary to optimal care. Below are some items you should consider check that the machine remains in a state of maximum.

Execute inspection items in the daily inspection

1. Component Bed

Checking bed level every 1000 hours. Check and replacement of slide wiper system, the slide wipers protect the slide way chip entering and maintain the lubrication check 1000 hours or half year. Check all axis.

2. Lubrication unit

Check suction filter every 2000 hours or replacement, tank cleaning every 2000 hours.

3. Feed system

Adjustment of taper gib as need, inspection period if a feeding condition becomes unstable. Check backlash/measure backlash, the backlash is caused to the drive system because the above is accumulated. Check backlash every 1000 hours.

4. Headstock

Check Center of headstock, if machining the outer work piece dia, can be in the taper shape and the end face of the work piece can also be in the crown shape. Adjust the parallelism of the spindle. Check period parallelism of spindle every 1000 hours.
Then Check belt of spindle. The belt server for ensure transmitting the power of the spindle motor. After this belt tension influences the cutting efficiency and part service life, it’s necessary to set the adequate tension.
Wear and crack of belt check every 2000 hours and belt tension every 2000 hours.

5. Tool slide

Center height adjustment for tool slide and spindle, since centering the headstock, must sure to adjust the center height of the turret and spindle. Check height turret every 1000 hours

6. Tailstock

Centering of tailstock, if the work piece is machined in the taper status on the center work, adjust the parallelism of the tailstock spindle.

7. Chuck

Maintenance inspection of hydraulic chuck, periodically disassembly and clean the chuck. Disassembly and cleaning every 1000 hours.
Check stroke every 500 hours.

Check of chucking accuracy every 500 hours.

8. Hydraulic unit

Check hydraulic unit, check main pressure 3.0 mpa every 8 hours, replacement of hydraulic oil every 2000 hours, cleaning filter every 2000 hours.

9. Coolant system

Check period
Strainer cleaning every 500 hours, replacement every 1000 hours, Tank cleaning every 2000 hours.

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