Prototyping and Its Advantages

engineer using a  printer

Computer-aided design or CAD engineering design is the method of creating, modifying, analyzing, and optimizing a three-dimensional design of a machine with the help of computers. Cad Engineering Design is very advanced software engineering. It involves designing a machine to suit a particular purpose. Such a design is called a prototype.

Prototyping Companies are professional companies who first study the requirement of the client. They then design a prototype with computer software. The design is checked for size and dimension. Then the working of the prototype is testing through simulation for safety and efficacy. When the prototype passes all the simulations and tests, then it is finalized as a product prototype. Three dimensional prototyping with CAD is an error-free method of designing and creating a new machine.

Molding with thermoplastics

Plastic Injection Mold Design refers to the production of spare parts made of a raw material called thermoplastic. The a combination of plastic with a metal like steel or aluminum is infused into a heated drum, combined and mixed, and poured into a molded cavity and left to cool. When it cools it hardens and takes the shape of the mold.
The mold itself is created by qualified and experienced industrial designing engineers so there is no room for errors. The mold is precision made and is customized to the requirements of every client.

Benefits of product designing and prototypes

Product Design Toronto involves development of prototype for a part of industrial machinery or the machine itself. The designs ensure that the ultimate product does not require must use of fasteners. This in turn ensures that there is a higher level of safety during assembly and operation of the machines. The points where fasteners are attached are the most vulnerable sections of machinery and can cause problems like:

  • Leakages of toxic liquids passing through the machines,
  • Breakages can lead to industrial accidents that could even prove fatal.

The prototypes checks for safety of a machine during installation and operation through simulated events to prevent such accidents.

Selective laser sintering (SLS) and Stereo-lithography (SLA) are both the latest in prototyping technologies. In the SLS method particles of plastic are fused with metal using lasers by a process called sintering, thus forming a thermoplastic. In SLA a requisite shape of metal is lowered into a resin that coats the metal on all sides. SLS/SLA Prototypes are sturdy, strong, and durable. Prototypes of any shapes and sizes can be designed with these methods. Browse through for more information.

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