Custom Fabrication Brings a Level of Versatility and Specialty to the Metal Industry

How custom fabrication brings new brand levels of versatility and specialty to the metal industries?

It Pays to Be Different

When thinking of the metal manufacturing industry it is easy to focus on one particular area such as the prominence of the mass production of identical items at the lowest cost possible.

This cookie cutter model of heavy fabrication has made a lot of money for a lot of companies but it has also led to the rising popularity of another necessary industry as well. Before mass production was realized, all fabrication of metal products was basically a type of custom fabrication.

These mass production companies run into problems when the need for a product outside the realm of expertise is required.

When these needs arise, requires the expertise of a company that specializes in custom fabrication.

Custom-fabrication is the ability to either alter an existing product to specifications, or to build an entirely new product that is built to specifications.

This type of custom fabrication is very predominant in the metal and steel industry. Frequently, there are instances when a specific metal product is needed that is outside the lines of what is commonly available.

In these scenarios it is usually preferable to outsource the request to a custom fabrication company that has extensive experience delivering quality, custom products.

Methods of Custom Fabrication

Being able to produce a wide range of custom products is imperative to being a successful custom fabrications company.

These custom products can be produced using a wide variety of methods and instruments. This can include such things as:

  • Welding
  • Bending
  • Punching
  • Drilling
  • Sawing
  • Rolling
  • Shearing
  • Painting
  • Powder Coating

Custom fabrications can vary in size from huge projects to smaller, quicker applications. Companies with the most varied machines and with the most experience tend to be able to handle the most specialized types of custom fabrication projects. Being as versatile as possible in the products and services offered is essential to being successful in the industry.

Ensuring that all processes have a high level of quality control and creating the best products possible are also imperative to building and maintaining a solid reputation in the industry.

The Future of Custom Fabrication

Most large manufacturers require the services of a custom fabrications company at some point and some manufacturers use them regularly. Some large manufacturing companies realize the strong earning potential of custom-fabrications and offer these services in addition to their normal production lines.

These types of hybrid companies are becoming increasingly popular in an effort to keep things in-house and to limit the amount of outsourcing.

In other instances some custom-fabrications companies have become part of a team of manufacturing professionals. Joining a team helps the team secure projects and then the duties are sub-contracted to the different companies as their specialties are required.

The client has the convenience of dealing with only one company while receiving the services of many. A custom-fabrications company is essential to these super contracting teams for the versatility and range of services that they can bring to a large project.

The wide range of services and the products that are possible from custom fabrication help to ensure that this industry will continue to grow and become even more imperative to the manufacturing world.

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