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Jababeka Machine Shop –Your Machine Shop Should Be A One Stop Place | Source 2 Spec.

Professional buyers tend to spend far too many hours sourcing out materials, contractors and services to complete single projects. This makes any project or job far less time-efficient. It is also extremely difficult to be able to compare costs and services when they are not all right in front of your face.

A One-Stop Shop

Any machining job is a difficult one to facilitate in the first place. But it can be easier. By finding one machine shop that handles all aspects of your project, professional buyers can conduct their jobs far more efficiently.

Source 2 Spec

Source 2 Spec is the ideal location for anyone who needs to complete a machining project. We offer a variety of services to our clientele including:

  • Welding
  • Casting
  • Painting
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Fabrication

Beyond offering services of our own, Source 2 Spec can facilitate a job by sourcing out sub-contractors, parts and labor.

Sourcing Sub-Contractors

Your project may require work that we cannot do onsite. Our company has built long-standing relationships with many reputable contractors. We can facilitate a sub-contractor to complete any work necessary to make sure your job is finished in a time efficient and costly manner.

Parts and Labor

Source 2 Spec also has a long list of suppliers. This will ensure that no project is held up waiting for one part. If we don’t have it, we know the person who does. It is our goal to make us your one-stop machine shop.

Not only will we sub-contract out, our experienced team of professionals can plan, facilitate, manage and execute your entire project. We do this by coordinating contractors, part deliveries and payments. Your job will be completed with minimal stress to you.

Our machine shop is accessible to members of Jabodetabek. Beyond our manufacturing services, we aim to deliver end results with only the utmost convenience for our clients. Through one portal, professional buyers can simplify the headaches associated with a machining manufacturing process.

We supply products for ocean technologies, defense and military products, optical technologies and aerospace technologies. Source 2 Spec can handle all aspects of precision machining, even CNC Machining including mill/turn, vertical and horizontal boring mill.

Machining is a job in which each individual thrives in different areas. It is our job to make sure our clients get the best contractor in their field to produce top, flawless results. To find out how Source 2 Spec can make your job easier, contact Us: Sahl Enginering Bengkel Bubut Industri terdekat Jababeka Lippo Cikarang.

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