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Medical Equipment Machines

Find Cheap and Best Medical Equipment Machines. Medical Equipments machine are equipments that are used for diagnosis or solving of medical problems. The basic types of medical equipments machines are:

ˇDiagnostic equipment: It is used for diagnostic purposes. Diagnosis covers a broad spectrum, or spectra, of testing in some form of analysis. It is the process by which we identify the dieases.

ˇTherapeutic equipment: Therapeutic equipments are used for infusion, medical laser. Basically it is used for surgical purposes.

ˇLife support equipment: It is used for ventilation, oxygenation, lungs and hurts dieses purposes.

ˇMedical monitors: It is used for measure the patients medical state.

ˇMedical laboratory equipment: It is used for testes urine, blood, genes.

Another important equipments are biomedical equipments. It is a vital component for health care mechanism.

Main subcategory of medical equipments:
ˇ Analytical Laboratory Equipment
ˇ Anesthesia Equipment
ˇ Angiography’s Equipment
ˇ Audiometric Equipment
ˇ Bone Densitometry
ˇ Cameras – Laser
ˇ Cameras – Video
ˇ Cardiac Stress Test Equipment
ˇ Cardiology Equipment
ˇ Chemistry Laboratory Equipment
ˇ Chiropractic Equipment
ˇ Coagulation Laboratory Equipment
ˇ Computed Radiography Equipment
ˇ Cosmetic Lasers
ˇ Critical Care Equipment
ˇ CT Scanners
ˇ Defibrillators
ˇ Dentistry Equipment
ˇ Disposables
ˇ DNA Sequencers & Synthesis Equipment
ˇ EKG Monitors
ˇ Electro surgical Equipment
ˇ EMG Equipment

Bipap Machines: BiPAP positive airway pressure (PAP) devices provide comfortable, convenient, and quiet therapy for people with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and complicating factors, such as restrictive or obstructive lung disease.

Blood Pressure Machine: Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by the blood on the walls of the blood vessels. Unless indicated otherwise, blood pressure refers to systemic arterial blood pressure, i.e., the pressure in the large arteries delivering blood to body parts other than the lungs, such as the brachial artery

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