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Find Cheap and Best Appliances. Appliances are electrical or mechanical devices, which is used for cooking or cleaning purposes. Basically it is two types. Major appliances and small appliances.

A Major appliance is a large machine, which is used for housekeeping task. Cooking, Food Preservation or cleaning (home, industrial, institutional and commercial purposes) is a main functional area of major appliances. It is operated by electricity. But it has some draw back: basically it is large, it is difficult to move; so generally it is fixed in some extent. Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators, Ovens, Sewing Machines, and Microwaves are in those Appliances.

· Air Conditioners
· Appliance Accessories
· Compactors
· Dishwashers
· Disposals
· Dryers
· Freezers
· Grills and Smokers
· Heaters
· Kitchen Cook tops
· Kitchen Hoods
· Kitchen Ranges
· Ovens
· Refrigerators
· Sewing Machines
· Steam Cleaners
· Vacuums
· Washing Machines
· Water Heaters

Small appliances are portable or semi portable machines, which is used for home purposes.

· Blender
· Bread maker
· Electric can opener
· Electric jug or electric kettle
· Electric water boiler
· Food processor
· Ice cream maker
· Microwave oven
· Mixer
· Rice cooker
· Popcorn maker
· Sandwich toaster
· Toaster
· Toaster oven
· Waffle iron
· Fondue set
· Chocolate fountain
· Smoothie maker
· Electric knife
· Carpet cleaner.
· Convector heater.
· Fan heater.
· Humidifier or vaporizer.
· Iron.
· Electric wet mop.
· Sewing machine.
· Trouser press.
· Vacuum cleaner.

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