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Find Cheap and Best Boxing Machines. Boxing Machines are most popular for the power of players punches are measured for strength, speed and reflex. Boxing Machine that comes in variety of colors and customized designs.

Glove Boxer

The Boxer Glove machine is equipped with a big electronic display showing the score of each punch. The machine gives the best incentives for players to strike for the higher score and at the same time bringing more and more profits to you. Boxing gloves are gloves fighters wear on their hands to cushion the impact during boxing. They are also used for protection from injury such as fractures and/or contusions.

Features: Laceless, elastic wrist, Filled with high-density bulk foam covered in vinyl, Cotton fiber cushioned grip bar, and Tied thumbs.

Types of Boxing Gloves

Women’s Boxing Gloves, Leather Boxing Gloves, Ever Hide Boxing Gloves, Leather 2050 Boxing Gloves.

Bag Mounts and Accessories:

The Heavy Bag Chain Assembly is made of steel and is intended for hanging and mounting heavy bags. The Heavy Bag Chain Assembly features a weight capacity of up to 100 pounds and re-worked easy setup tooling.

All the benefits of the metal in more economical, yet longwearing, plastic and its are different sizes.

Punching Bag Heavy Bag Chain Assembly:

•Welded steel anodized chain links
•Includes non-twist swivel & 4 S hooks
•Fits all heavy bags.

Boxing Bag Chain Assembly:

•Welded steel anodized chain links
•Includes non-twist swivel & 4 S hooks
•Fits all heavy bags

Hand Target

Hand Targets are a great way to improve speed and accuracy. They are different types:

Square Hand Target:

It is a great training tool for improving your timing and speed. It is constructed from high-dense foam and covered in 18oz. nylon reinforced vinyl. The back web straps and finger loop help provide a secure grip.

Power line Square Hand Target:

It is filled with 30% more compressed foam than the regular Square Hand Target. It is covered 16 oz nylon reinforced vinyl. The Back web straps and finger loop allow the holder a secure grip.

Single Blocker:

It is constructed of high-density black nylon over heavy-duty foam core. The plastic handle is textured has a wrist sling and extends the full length inside the foam core.

Head Protective Head Gear

Protective headgear protects the wearer’s ears and is securely affixed to the head with a minimum of easily adjustable straps. Headgear does provide measurable benefit in sub concussive head-to-head impacts.

Typically, the protective headgear includes a protective portion for covering at least part of the back of the user’s head. A headband strap is included for extending from the protective portion at the back of the user’s head to the user’s forehead to hold the protective portion in place at the back of the user’s head.

Helmets should be worn on every bike ride, regardless, if it is in the driveway or around the block. All children under 14 years old are required by law to wear a helmet.

Others types of Boxing equipment are as follows:

  • Heavy Box Stands & Boxing Gym
  • Kids Fitness Boxing Gear
  • Leather Speed Bags
  • Punching Bags

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