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Find Cheap and Best Food Machines. Food Machines are used for used food processing and packaging machinery. Food processing occupations include many different types of workers who process raw food products into the finished goods sold by grocers or wholesalers, restaurants, or institutional food services.

Food machine operators and tenders usually are trained on the job. They learn to run the different types of equipment by watching and helping other workers. Training can last anywhere from a month to a year, depending on the complexity of the tasks and the number of products involved. A degree in the appropriate area dairy processing for those working in dairy product operations, for example is helpful for advancement to a lead worker or a supervisory role. Most food batch makers participate in on-the-job training, usually from about a month to a year. Some food batch makers learn their trade through an approved apprenticeship program.

Food machines are different types and different forms:

· Continuous fryers and cooking lines
· Batter & breading/crumbing equipment.
· Stainless steel mixers
· Tumblers.
· Cookers/Smokers
· Vacuum fillers
· Thermo formers
· Frozen meat flakers
· Slicers
· Mixers
· Grinders
· Dicers
· Metal detectors
· Breeders

Microwave ovens food machine: Microwave oven is a part of food machine it has become an essential kitchen appliance.

Microwaves are used to cook food in your microwave oven by the fact that, although metals reflect the microwaves, they are absorbed by foods. So, a metal box – the microwave oven – reflects the beams of microwaves, which bounce around inside the oven until they hit the food. Then they are absorbed by the food. This causes the moisture molecules in the food to vibrate rapidly. In fact, the vibration is at the rate of two and a half billion times each second. This friction results in heat and it is this heat that does the cooking. In effect, then, the food is cooking itself.

Before using microwave oven you must follow some precaution: – If you using microwave oven make sure the door of microwave oven is always shut down. If microwave oven empties you never operate this. If you washed you microwave oven don’t use scouring pads or steel wool.

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