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It is well known that unique designs usually come up from original and exclusive ideas. Engineering solutions like tool and die design, concept designing, machining etc. are becoming popular these days. Let’s discuss about some of these engineering concepts in detail.


Prototyping is the process that can produce a three-dimensional object which is physical with the help of a 3D CAD file. The 3-dimensional Computer Aided Design is very essential in the latest tool & die design for different professions like engineering, construction, architecture and so on. The 3D CAD modeling is also used in various aspects of science and technology and they depicts the geometry of physical objects that are dynamically visualized with the aid of computer graphics. 3D prototyping are of two types:

  • SLS/SLA Prototypes
  • CNC Machined Prototypes

The concept of 3D prototyping helps in getting faster feedback from the users and it is considered to be a vital part in the process of designing a system.

Tool designing

Good designs are always based on any kind of tooling technique and this has a great impact on the functionality, life as well as quality of a tool. And with good tooling designing great tools develop.
The two important concept of tool and die making are:

1) Die design

Tool and die design is used mainly in tool designing in developing engineering solutions. They play a major role in industries related to steel, manufacturing, automotive and so on. The die designs are created to suit the specifications of a particular industry.

2) Mould designer

Mould designing is an important task that tries to get a balance between process of manufacturing and feasibility of a design. Mould designer can be designed based on the utility and purpose and in different ways. There are many things that need to be considered on mould designing like the material of the mould, size of the part, finishing surface, expected life of the tool and also the number of cavities.

Product development

Product development or product design plays a major role in tool manufacturing. The task of product development involves imagination, creative suggestions and great effort. And by taking all these factors into consideration the product design team comes up with efficient tool die design. The product development requires CAD design services, will facilitated design centre and also 3D based modeling techniques to create unique and powerful designs as per client’s specifications.

CAD design services Integrating CAD design services into engineering industry has its own benefits. It helps to reduce the cost of manufacturing, to enhance the efficiency of the product and also create acceleration in the process of production. It is expected that CAD design services will be further used in various design development process and also in tasks that involves designing and product development related to engineering and other related fields.

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