Fabrication Companies in Bekasi Are Using CNC Technology To Increase Precision And Efficiency

CNC To Increase Efficiency

We are Sahl Engineering, a fabrication company in Bekasi Are. We are using CNC technology to increase precision and efficiency. Fabrication companies in the Bekasi Karawang specialize in building metal structures and large machines.

Although some facilities combine fabrication shops and machine shops, fabrication should not be confused with machining. “Fab” shops will bid on jobs based on engineering drawings from contractors, original equipment manufacturers, or value-added retailers.

A typical project might be a structural frame for a building or machine, or large-scale stairs and railings. Fabrication is comprised of three processes: cutting, bending or forming, and assembling. As with other types of metal work, these are usually achieved by a combination of human and automated labour.


The first step is cutting the raw material to the required size. Raw materials include plate metal, tube stock, square stock, and sectional metals such as I-beams. A common way of cutting the metal is shearing.

With shearing, a punch (moving blade) is used to push the metal against a fixed blade called a die. Shearing cuts stock without forming chips or using burning.

Other cutting methods include band saws, chop saws, and cutting torches.

A burn table is a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cutting torch, usually natural gas powered. Plate steel is loaded onto a table made of a grid composed of bars, and cut as programmed. Some CNC burn tables boast a variety of punches and taps for greater versatility. Other CNC options for cutting include laser cutting tables and water jet cutting tables.


The usual tool for bending is the press brake. It typically has two C-frames as sides, with the bottom tool mounted on a table and the top one on a moveable beam overhead. A v-shaped die on the top tool is pressed into the sheet metal to bend the plate at the proper angle. These machines usually operate at from 1 to 15 mm/second. CNC hydraulic press brakes are the safest and most efficient type of bending tool.

Other bending tools include tube bending machines, which can bend tubular sections without buckling them, rolling machines to form round shapes, and English wheel machines, which are used to form complex curvatures.


The assembly of the project may involve a number of different steps, including machining of smaller parts, welding, and finishing.

Most fab shops have basic machining capabilities, but may send complex parts to a machine shop.

Welding is a large component of fabrication. Formed and machined parts are tack-welded into place, and then checked. When given the go-ahead, a welder will complete the assembly according to engineering drawings. There are many different types of welding, both manual and automated. Shielded metal arc welding became popular after World War II, and was followed by automated processes such as gas metal arc welding and submerged arc welding.

Welding technology continued to advance with the invention of laser beam welding, electron beam welding, and variants. It’s not unusual for large industrial operations to employ robot welding. After welding is completed, it’s important to check for any warping, which can be repaired fairly easily by a skilled welder.

Post-assembly, finishing touches are added to the piece. These may include sand-blasting followed by painting or powder-coating. After a final inspection, the piece can be shipped.

Fabrication companies in the Bekasi Karawang are among the best in the world, able to accommodate virtually any fabrication requirements.

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