Agricultural Equipment Green Machine 9500

Green Machine 9500

THERM-O-TYPE produces the 9500 Green Machine specifically for these printers. Offering the same level of quality, and all the energy saving enhancements of larger Green Machine models, this model is only 360cms long and offers excellent productivity, using a patented 9,500-watt heater.

The Green Machine 9500 can be easily moved from press to press. The patented heater design features insulated heater doors to reduce heat loss, very fast heat up time and a bottom heater to reduce paper-curling problems. Patented, two-sided thermography pins are standard equipment, allowing fold over business cards, invitations and other items to be raised on both sides with

The Green Machine 9500 is also a favorite with customers operating digital duplicators, improving the appearance and profitability of many jobs. Using the Green Machine 9500 as an in-line drier for jobs produced on digital duplicators, which do not require thermograph, eliminates offsetting problems.

Green Machine 13,000

Since 1994, the efficiency of the Green Machine 13000 has been proven in hundreds of installations around the world. Performance improvements, power consumption, and heat loss reduction have been so good, in fact, that the only thing that has worked against the Green Machine 13000 is the belief in the old adage that If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

The Green Machine 13000 is also the only thermography machine available, which has met the applicable Underwriters Laboratories, Standards for Safety and received UL Listing. The importance of UL Listing cannot be overstated in business today. Required by many state, county and city governments, UL Listing assures customers that each machine has been tested and inspected to meet internationally recognized safety standards.

The Green Machine 13000 uses a patented heater with a total output of 13,000 watts. This high watt density is divided between heavily insulated top and bottom heaters.

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